About Us

The health care system and insurance have become so complex, confusing and overwhelming that you need a go-between to help you find your way. Without an expert to help, you may have more trouble with the system that’s supposed to help you than with your illness or condition. 

Pacient is a St. Louis-based education and advocacy startup helping people understand and navigate the complex health system with our Health Buddy support services, educational website and online directory of health services and providers. 

Health Buddy Membership Service

The Health Buddy program by Pacient helps you save time, money and headache by holding your hand in dealing with the healthcare system and insurance. Members experience peace of mind by working one-on-one with an expert on the healthcare system – your personal health advocate – to find solutions to your challenges.

We provide these services to individuals, companies and medical facilities.

Advocates can help with things like helping with denied insurance claims, reviewing medical bills for errors (about 40% of medical bills have errors), finding good therapists and pre-interviewing them before making an appointment. You can learn more about our services here

The Pacient Website

Our website provides a wealth of up-to-date, accurate information on important issues like patient rights, health technology and privacy – all written in plain language easy-to-understand graphics and without the confusing jargon. Pacient also provides the latest news that affects you in today’s health care system, including policy changes and new regulations.

The Pacient Directory of Health Professionals and Services

On the Pacient Directory, you can find listings for everything from senior and disability services to insurance brokers and chiropractors.

Pacient is your health advocate. We have you covered.