About Us

If you’ve ever grumbled about a medical bill or been overwhelmed by health terminology and decisions, Pacient can help. The healthcare system is complicated, and finding answers to your questions isn’t easy. Even knowing what questions to ask can often be a challenge. While plenty of websites provide information for self-diagnosis, or tools for tracking your health, Pacient brings clarity to the other side of healthcare.


We answer questions like:

  • How do doctors and providers get paid?
  • What if I am denied coverage?
  • What is a health insurance exchange?
  • What goes into the cost of prescription drugs?

We also provide up-to-date coverage of important issues like patient rights, health technology and privacy. Our team of researchers and industry authorities continuously address the most commonly asked questions in healthcare today.

Every aspect of Pacient was designed to help you be as informed as possible. Health decks consist of individual cards written around specific healthcare-related issues, and are grouped by topic. All content is written in plain language and includes easy-to-understand informational graphics. Read and share an individual card, or browse an entire Deck to understand a topic more comprehensively.

Pacient also provides the latest news that affects your journey through today’s healthcare system, including policy changes and new regulations. The result is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use healthcare resource available.

When it comes to healthcare, the need for you to be informed is more important than ever, in every stage of life. Pacient helps you navigate healthcare with confidence.

Pacient is healthcare clarity.