Our Team

Our Core Team

Pacient Founder Randy Gerber

Randy Gerber is a healthcare attorney with more than 35 years of experience. In his law practice, Randy works with physicians and physician groups, hospitals and nursing homes in connection with their health law issues, general corporate, financing, and business matters. 

Randy founded Pacient in 2016 to help consumers navigate a complex U.S. healthcare system by delivering easy-to-understand answers to their questions.​ He came up with the concept after years of assisting clients, friends, and family with the non-clinical issues they were facing as consumers. He thought that those who are not lucky enough to have a healthcare professional in their family or circle of friends should have the chance to ask an expert their questions as well. Educating others on healthcare came naturally to Randy as he served as an adjunct healthcare law professor at Saint Louis University School of Law for many years.

Pacient Operations & Lead Advocate Kyla Bauer

A few years ago a car hit Kyla while she was on her bike. She had never seen so many doctors or gone to so many doctor visits. She spent a year and a half in recovery, battled insurance disputes until she found a lawyer, and lost all of her savings even though she had good health insurance and worked with 18 doctors and nurses. As someone who has gone through long periods with or without health insurance after college (pre-Obamacare), she set out to become a patient advocate for anyone who finds themselves in the same situation.

Her background is in scientific research working for public universities and the US Geological Survey. Six years ago, she switched to helping startup businesses in health care. Before becoming an advocate, she set up the NFL Players Association Brain & Body program with Cleveland Clinic. Kyla is the youngest in our office, but the only one who watches Matlock and does crossword puzzles.

Pacient Editor and Marketing & Digital Content Manager Sonja Shin

Sonja Shin specializes in writing about health and science in easy-to-understand language. She has reported medical, technology and general news at TV stations in San Francisco, Seattle and St. Louis and produced network news in New York. She has designed websites for NASA and Stanford University. She struggled with life-threatening depression and anxiety for decades and is passionate about sharing tools for coping with life's inevitable stresses to help people feel happier. She also loves stickers and cat videos.

Pacient Goodwill Ambassador & Outreach Donna Gerber

Donna Gerber is one of the founders of Pacient and is passionate about providing a helping hand in the midst of a health crisis and in tackling the challenges that arise in the health care system. Donna has learned a great deal from her own experience of caring for a severely sick child. She learned how to administer medications, talk to doctors about complicated issues and navigate insurance problems and the appeals process. After going through the death of her child, she learned about the emotional toll and how to overcome severe grief. Donna has also been a caregiver for seniors in her family. She wants people to know they’re not alone and that we’re here to help.

Donna has 26 years of experience in legal support and has a vast array of connections in the areas of caregiving and senior services. She also loves woodworking and painting houses to de-stress.

Our Independent Network of Experts

Pacient is an independent service – not funded by any insurance company, pharmaceutical company or medical network. We give people an advantage because we are experts in the healthcare system and have access to many more experts with our extensive network of doctors, hospitals, attorneys, government experts, insurance experts and patient-focused community groups.