Pacient Founder


Pacient Founder Randy Gerber

Randy Gerber is a healthcare attorney with more than 35 years of experience. In his law practice, Randy works with physicians and physician groups, hospitals and nursing homes in connection with their health law issues, general corporate, financing, and business matters. 

Randy founded Pacient in 2016 to help consumers navigate a complex U.S. healthcare system by delivering easy-to-understand answers to their questions.​ He came up with the concept after years of assisting clients, friends, and family with the non-clinical issues they were facing as consumers. He thought that those who are not lucky enough to have a healthcare professional in their family or circle of friends should have the chance to ask an expert their questions as well. Educating others on healthcare came naturally to Randy as he served as an adjunct healthcare law professor at Saint Louis University School of Law for many years.


Our Independent Network of Experts

Pacient is an independent service – not funded by any insurance company, pharmaceutical company or medical network. We give people an advantage because we are experts in the healthcare system and have access to many more experts with our extensive network of doctors, hospitals, attorneys, government experts, insurance experts and patient-focused community groups.