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Reach healthcare decision makers

and lifestyle influencers when they are in the mindset for making health-related decisions through...


By providing expert and objective health information to our audience, we deliver above average engagement opportunities for our sponsors. Our audience affects the health care choices of multiple generations throughout the region and nationwide.


right time, right place, right audience

Our readers come to us for health information, and want to find providers that address their needs associated with the content on Pacient.care. Join our directory so they can find you.


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  Size in Pixels Monthly Rate Quarterly Rate Annual Rate
Medium Rectangle Within Content 300w x 250h $100 $275 $900



Non-animated image ads

File type: .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF

File size: 150k or smaller

Animated image ads

File type: .GIF

File size: 150k or smaller

Animation length must be 30 seconds or shorter

Animations can be looped, but the animations must stop after 30 seconds

Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FPS



Graphical layout

Ads must take up the entire space of the image size you've chosen, and they can't appear sideways or upside down. Ads can't be segmented, contain multiple copies of itself within the ad, or appear to be more than one ad. We don’t allow ads that expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the website. Image ads must in RGB color format and include a single-pixel black border (included in the ad size).

Relevance and quality

Image ads must be relevant to the advertised site. Ad images must be clear and recognizable, with legible text. We don't allow unclear, blurry, or unrecognizable images to be used in ads.

Strobing and flashing

Pacient doesn't allow strobing, flashing, or otherwise distracting ads.

Mimicking site content, news articles, or text ads

We do not allow ads that mimic publisher content or layout, or news articles and features. Ads may also not contain screenshots of Google AdWords text ads or otherwise simulate an AdWords text ad in any way.

Family status

Image ads and the content they point to must be "family safe." Any image ads and their associated websites or apps cannot contain "non-family" or "adult" content.

Need Assistance with Ad Design and Development?

Our resources can support your ad development needs.  Development times will vary.  Rate is $85/hour.  Let your sales contact know if you need design support services.