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By: Randy S. Gerber, Esq., Founder of

Imagine this: you walk or are wheeled into the hospital and on the wall in the waiting room you see the following:

  • Aching Appendix?   Appendectomy: $595 while you wait.
  • Galled by the pain in your abdomen?  Gall Bladder surgery-- $1245 with sutures; $500 with strong tape (and drugs for the pain you will certainly have after the tape comes loose)
  • Need a new Knee?  $675 for a right knee replacement and $575 for a left knee replacement.  [Just trying to get people to move a bit to the left].

Well perhaps this might be a slight exaggeration but the Centers for Medicaid & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced this week a plan to have hospitals be more transparent about their pricing.  The plan doesn’t go into effect until January 1, 2019 but from a consumer’s perspective it is moving in the right direction.

CMS recognizes that patients are still perplexed and surprised by:

  • Getting out-of-network bills for doctors such as anesthesiologists, radiologists who provide services at in-network hospitals;
  • Fees charged by the hospital for use of their facilities; and
  • Doctor fees for emergency room visits.

The CMS plan would require hospitals to display their current standard charges, in a consumer friendly way.  And update them annually.

For more information on the mystery of medical bills, we have put together a few thoughts for your consideration.   

Thanks for reading,  Randy.