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Obamacare Insurers Leaving Exchanges: Who is Impacted?

Roughly 12 million people in the U.S. buy individual health insurance through their state exchange that was made possible by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Just last week the major insurance company Anthem dropped out of Ohio’s state exchange. Other major insurance companies have been dropping out since state exchanges began in 2014. But now major insurers like Aetna and Centene are considering expanding to new states and counties. For Americans who buy their own health insurance, what options currently exist for them?

Insurance Options 2018 by County

How Many Impacted by Insurance Company Drop Outs?

The government agency, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid, predicts that next year 35,000 people will have zero options to buy health insurance on their state exchange. Most states still allow health insurance companies to sell individual health insurance outside of the state exchange. It’s possible that individual health insurance is still sold in these counties, but no one can apply for a tax credit to help pay for it.


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