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Avoiding the Surprise Medical Bill

By: Randy S. Gerber, Esq., Founder of

A 44-year old swim coach is getting ready for work one morning, and while getting dressed he collapses with intense chest pain. An ambulance is called, and he is rushed to the hospital emergency room where he receives treatment. The hospital emergency room was not in his insurance plan's network, but he received assurance from the hospital that this would not be a problem. However, along with the treatment came a $109,000 bill.  

To avoid this problem and save yourself money you need to ask yourself this question: Are the people treating me or my family —  such as the hospital, surgery center, surgeon, anesthesiologist or pathologist — IN MY INSURANCE NETWORK? If the answer is no, you could have a problem.  

Please read here to learn more about how you can avoid these financial headaches. Next week we'll answer the question: Can you ask the ambulance driver to take you to a specific hospital?

Thanks for reading. Randy.