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How Does 100 Grams a Week Sound?

By: Randy S. Gerber, Esq., Founder of Pacient.care

Okay, let's be honest, how many of you have concluded that T.V. remotes (I call them “clickers”) and alcohol are a required combination to watch your favorite cable news station.  Not taking sides here,  just sayin' that all brands of Vodka are non-partisan.

Well, in today’s  consumer tip I regret to inform you that based on the findings of a recent multi-national study, if you have an interest in extending your life by a year or two, you need to limit your daily alcohol input to 100 grams per week.  So you’re thinking 100 grams isn’t bad, I can get through the news after all.  If that’s what you’re thinking, and if you’re a guy, I would suggest you stop reading here and go back to work.

Our government currently recommends no more than 7 drinks per week for women and 14 drinks for men. This new study doesn’t show any meaningful difference between the amount of alcohol that can be consumed between men and women without a drop in life expectancy.  Which means men, you need to seriously consider cutting back on your alcohol intake.

So I’ve kept you in suspense long enough--I know you have no idea what a gram is.  Based on my research, in the U.S. one standard drink contains around 14 grams of alcohol.  So that means no more than some combination of 7 bottles of beer (12 oz.), glasses of wine (5 oz.) or glasses of vodka or other distilled spirits (1.5 oz.).

The consequences of exceeding these guidelines can lead to increased risk of stroke and heart failure.  And yes, like all of studies, there are assumptions and flaws. But this study included 83 other studies and involved 19 countries.  So it is pretty comprehensive.

You may now return to the cable new station of your choice--but please don’t drink and binge watch at the same time.  Thanks for reading. Randy.   rgerber@pacient.care.

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