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By: Randy S. Gerber, Esq., Founder of Pacient.care

Recently, a 4-year old girl, from Sarasota, Florida, was swimming in her backyard pool while playing games in the water.  During  the game she swallowed some pool water. No big deal right? Two days later, the little girl developed a fever and her Mom, recalling a similar situation involving a little boy in Texas, took her daughter to the emergency room as a precaution.  

This story has a happy ending, even though this 4-year old experienced what is known as “dry drowning.”  Dry drowning can happen when a child takes in a small amount of water through her nose or mouth, causing a spasm in the airways, which closes up.

A similar but rare occurrence is what is known as secondary drowning.  Secondary drowning occurs when a child inhales the water into the lungs, causing inflammation which makes breathing difficult.  Sometimes symptoms don’t occur for 12-24 hours.

I have described more information, including the warning signs, symptoms and treatment in this Pacient article.  

The mother of this little girl said that reading/hearing about the Texas boy’s experiences helped save her daughter’s life.  Please feel free to share this article with other parents.

Thanks for reading,  Randy.  rgerber@pacient.care  




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